Google Earth

Practical resources for getting to grips with Google Earth

Recognising that lack of confidence in using tools such as Google Earth often presents a barrier for teachers, we have produced a set of simple ‘how-to’ skill sheets for Google Earth. Given half an hour, you’ll hopefully have a much better idea of how to introduce such tools into your lessons. It’s often not until using it that teachers realise the huge potential it has for classroom use – do watch the short video clip on this section’s homepage which demonstrates how it can be integrated.

The sheets below are all free to download and take you through the basic elements step-by-step.

If you have more than half an hour and fancy learning about Google Earth in more depth, and how it can be used in lessons, download the manuals and have a look at our training page. The one-day course is very hands-on, combining outdoor and indoor working, and will provide a very sound base in navigating what it offers as an educational tool.

01-10: Skills sheets

  • Download all (ZIP)

01: Finding places

  • Download (PPT)

02: Using the 3D viewer

  • Download (PPT)

03: Using layers

  • Download (PPT)

04: Opening saved placemarks

  • Download (PPT, 6.6MB)

05: Creating a placemark

  • Download (PPT, 4.6MB)

06: Organising, saving and touring placemarks

  • Download (PPT, 10MB)

07: Creating a path

  • Download (PPT, 16MB)

08: Measuring distance

  • Download (PPT, 1.1MB)

09: Advanced placemarks

  • Download (PPT, 9.0MB)

10: Creating a polygon

  • Download (PPT, 14MB)

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