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A new training will be scheduled in London in September 2018. For any pre-registration requests, drop us a line at

The first training for primary level and computing teachers took place at Pembroke College in Pembroke on 28th April.

Priority was given to schools from areas of deprivation. Free robot kits, up to 6 per school, were be provided to attending teachers. All costs are covered by the organisers.

The training introduced teachers to the ‘Code Smart’ resources. These are nine lessons with activities that will help KS2-3 students explore the ABC’s of coding, as they build and program their first Mbot robot car. They will apply their knowledge in a design thinking challenge as they reflect on the role that automatic cars can play in society.

Code Smart is developed in partnership with one of the leading autonomous vehicle software developers, Oxbotica and funded by XL Catlin.

Saturday, 28 April
9 am – 4.30 pm (followed by online Q&A in the upcoming weeks) 

Pembroke College, Oxford, Allen & Overy Room

Learning outcomes

All participants were introduced to the basics of coding using Scratch and the mBots. By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Build the mBot and control it with the remote control
  • Program the robot to drive in different shapes
  • Use the sensor data and logic-based code to autonomously control the robots
  • Gain confidence in working with Scratch
  • Practice problem-solving through various challenges (avoiding obstacles, signalling through light and sounds)
  • Relate challenges with real-world context of driverless vehicles and related topics (safety, ethics, sustainability)
  • Apply design thinking process in the classroom
  • Confidently use the resources (lesson plans, slideshows, activity sheets, multimedia) to facilitate learning

Code Smart can be taught as part of the Computing curriculum or as an enriching project in the school STEM club.

The resources are complemented by videos to inspire kids to discover the fascinating field of robotics and consider a future STEM career path.

Further support will be provided after the course as part of Q&A online sessions.

To measure the impact of the activities in the classroom after the training, there will be an initial and final evaluation through questionnaires for students.

Helen_Steer_400px Trainer: Helen Steer
Helen is an educator, maker, entrepreneur and award-winning writer. She has worked in education for a decade and specialises in getting new technologies into the classroom in a fun, easy way. Before cofounding Do It Kids in 2017, Helen was previously a director of the innovative education platform Explorer HQ, with whom she published six books for children and educators. More


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